I want to thank you for stopping by.  I am new at this thing called blogging.  I’ve long wanted to do something of this nature, but have lacked the techno-skills to get it accomplished.  I’ve enlisted the help of a dear friend in North Dakota to help me with the part of this that I’m unable to do.  I have been a pastor for many years, most of them in the state of New Mexico.  During the years of the ministry The Lord has allowed me to be involved in, I have always made sure that on Sunday mornings there was a bulletin for the folks to read.  The bulletin really wasn’t so much geared to informing the people of the service they came to be a part of.  I always thought the events of that service would become self-evident and never really needed any explanation.  Instead, the bulletin consisted of upcoming events of the church, pertinent prayer requests made by folks in the church, and something I always called ‘The Pastor’s Pen’.  The ‘pen’ was always a message from me and reflected, for the most part, either something in the area of current events, or some experience I’d had during the previous week or two that I wanted to share.  My writing was well-received by the people The Lord allowed me to minister to.  The fact is that on the rare occasion when I failed to include the latest installment of The Pastors’ Pen, I always heard about it.  Nobody was ever unkind about it.  They just wanted to know why I hadn’t written anything.  People appeared to have enjoyed the weekly message and genuinely missed it when it didn’t appear.  The appreciation the people showed me for the time I spent writing gave cause for me to consider writing these ‘pens’ on a larger scale.

It is not for fame or notoriety that I begin this effort.  My heart’s desire, and God knows this to be true, is to be a blessing to those who choose to take a moment several times a week to follow what I have to say.  You see, it is my belief that everything we see or do in this world has some sort of connection with The Word of God.  Now, if you’re sitting at a local restaurant trying to determine whether to order up the meat loaf or simply have a house salad for supper, I don’t really think The Bible addresses that type of a decision, nor do I think it matters much from a biblical perspective what you decide upon.  But what does matter is…..YOU.  You are important to The Lord Jesus Christ.  Whether or not you know or believe it, He is very, very fond of you.  So fond, in fact, He laid down His life for you so that you could avail yourself of and enjoy the benefit only He can provide; that of the freedom that comes in the forgiveness of sins.

The God of The Bible is a good, and righteous and merciful God.  He is concerned with every area of our lives.  Nothing we say, think or do escapes His attention.  Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off. (Psalm 139:2)  He knows about you and me because He cares about you and me.  He is not obligated to care other than by His own holiness and compassion upon the children of men.  I cannot help but be impressed by a God like that.  I hope you feel the same way about Him.

I’d like to invite you back to visit here as oft as you’re able, and that as I share some of the things that The Lord Jesus Christ routinely lays upon my heart, they are a blessing and encouragement to you.  Please do feel free to drop me a note if you’re so inclined, and know that I will do all within my power to answer you if your note requires that I do so.  God’s very best to you.  Don